Some of the more scholarly types call it “Hyperreal.”  The term refers our perceptions completely obscuring the realness of something.  It’s akin to eating at Taco Bell and claiming to have had Mexican food for dinner.  Or something like that.  It happens with people too.  When you meet someone, your brain starts with whatever schema it can come up with to quickly categorize that person.  When anyone asks, you say you know them.  Ever meet someone you instantly disliked?  They probably did one thing or another that immediately reminded you of someone or something you already didn’t like.  At least, that’s how it works for me.

Near as I can tell, it works in reverse too.  We judge from the instant we come in contact, but we also try to project the ideal version of ourselves.  There’s a whole industry devoted to that sort of thing, after all.  We get up in the morning (or evening, in my case) and shower and style our hair and shave and don makeup as appropriate.  We get dressed in clothes that were presumably picked because they send the message we want to project.  Some put more thought into it than others.  Behaviorally, our projection requires less preparation.  Have you ever had someone do an impression of you?  Near as I can tell, the performer is just reenacting your public default actions and doing their best to echo your voice.

I know this whole post is kind of a mess, but stay with me.  Here’s where it gets personal.  No one has done an impression of me.  I’m a copycat, so my default actions have been drawn from the massive amounts of fiction I’ve consumed over the years.  If one were to quote me, one might be quoting the movie I watched last week.  It’s one of my many flaws.  It’s also part of the image I try to project.  I also try to seem like a good guy, even when I never feel like one inside.  I do my best to seem like I care, although I spend all my time feeling bad for not caring as much as I think I should.  I basically walk around holding a photoshopped picture of me between me and the world.  Or maybe I’m just constantly acting out a commercial for myself like I’m a product to be sold.  Either way, they are seeing the candy coating of attractive ideas in which I cover myself.

Yeah, I’m basically claiming that even people are hyperreal, and that since all I am is the ‘idea of Justin,’ V for Vendetta supports my claim that I’m bulletproof.

Or maybe I’m just screwier than the hardware department at Home Depot.

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