Wait – Xmas is when?! 

(Yes, Xmas.  A consumer holiday celebrated on the same day that the faithful celebrate the birth of their savior.)

I’m not ready!  Oh, right.  The world has never once given a flying fuck about whether I’m ready.  The world asks that I prove my boast about being able to swim in the shitpool.    Or the whirlstool, if you read the last post.  Haha, poop jokes!

After a few minutes of thought, I have my list of who to shop for.  A few minutes later, I know what to buy for half of them.  I scrape the depths of my mind and recall that the other half said they’d get back to me with gift ideas.  Sigh.  Great.  At least my tree is already up.  It’s got a lonely ornament made by that special someone.  A shadow flickers across my face.  Won’t get to see her on the holiday.  No worries.  We knew this ahead of time, and the make-up time will be phenomenal.

I think I’ll be turning the lights back on at my FB page on January 1st.  This isn’t a resolution.  I think that this year I will skip resolutions and see how it goes.  I scored 2 out of 3 on last year’s, but the fewer reasons I have to beat myself up, the better.

So, what you’re seeing here is what happens when I keep thinking of a million things I want to tell someone and knowing I have to wait.  I am temporally out of sync.  I think that’d be a good start for a short story on my other page.  It’s about time that I start feeling that trickle of ideas flowing again.

I almost feel like I should let this die as a draft, but it was either here or some other social media.  Call it practice: I’m still rusty when it comes to distilling signal from all the mental noise.

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