Despite his incredible mass, the weight of the powered armor, the weaponry he carried, he didn’t make a sound.  He crept on the enemy position, emerging from a naturally occurring tunnel into a mossy crater with a split boulder in the center.  He could see through the crevice to where a Sangheli warrior paced.  His motion tracker told him that the creature was not alone.  Not that it mattered. Though the flames of Hell may bar the way, the Chief wasn’t one to stop.  Call him suicidal, goal-oriented, whatever.  The result would be the same.

He checked his weapons.  The guns he carried that were intended to be man-portable weren’t ideal for this task.  The mounted plasma cannon he’d recently liberated from its platform was running low on power.  Once again, it didn’t matter.  It had been said of the original Spartans, and it was true today: Spartans don’t fight with the weapons they want – they fight with they weapons they have.  He stepped into the gap of the split boulder.  

The Sangheli had enough time to honk his anger and fear before his shield flickered out and the plasma incinerated his flesh.  The burned corpse didn’t dissuade the swarm of Unggoy.  Were he given to humor, the Chief would have smirked as four of them attempted to flank him.  The others fired into the crevice as their brethren approached the backside of the boulder.  He emptied the last of the plasma turret’s residual charge into the frontside attack, and dropped the unwieldy weapon.  He drew the cannon that the UNSC called a sidearm with his right, and flicked a fragmentation grenade behind him with his left.  

The rock split and showered him with molten stone.  His shield flared, absorbing the energy.  He looked up.  His visor magnified a trio of beaked figures with elongated energy weapons.  Were he given to fear or dismay, the Chief would have frowned.  

I recently acquired Halo 4.  It’s fun, but it feels a bit different from its predecessors.  No matter; I intend to enjoy it.  I am learning that I’m not nearly as good at it as I used to be.


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