I love Riddick.  There, I said it.  I think he’s a great character and I’m glad that Vin Diesel is so hell-bent on keeping the franchise alive.   I know that the Riddick movies are goofy.  The writing is just not great.  I get it; Riddick is a hard man to give a decent story.  He has no motivation or goal beyond survival.  If all you want is to ensure your next meal, your next breath of oxygen, it blunts all but the most basic of plot hooks.  Riddick is plenty smart, but so far they’ve only used “escape from captivity,” “escape from captivity and revenge,” and “escape from captivity sort of.”  The next movie could certainly be about revenge on Vaako, but Twohy keeps going back to the same well over and over.  Even when he used the “hired to do a job” hook, Riddick explains that it’s not his fight, and flees the scene.  And ends up in jail.  And escapes.  And avenges Kira’s death.  

Damn it.  

At least he’s consistent.  In that, and the fact that Twohy is sure to give ample example of why it is that Riddick hates civilized man so damned much.

I was thinking that I could pull a better Riddick story out of my ass, but then I checked my ego.  The problem, as I see it, is thusly: because Riddick is so unmoved by the plight of his fellow man, maybe he shouldn’t be the main character.  He’s more of a disaster to be survived, anyway.  In the latest film, Riddick spent time as a ghost, haunting and picking off the mercenaries and tampering with their equipment.  I enjoyed that immensely.  Similarly when he was calling other characters on their shit.  So he’s a plot device.  

My main character would be someone else entirely.  End up in jail at the end of Act II.  Riddick is passing through the jail as he does, and my main character escapes alongside.  Alternately, the main characters are marooned and end up learning by Riddick’s ultra-harsh example how to survive in the wild.  He does have a soft spot for children (remember Jack?), so the younger the main character the better.  Riddick would do what he does best (escape from jail, murder people, be generally uncivilized), and his lack of motivations wouldn’t matter anymore.  


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