I love LEGO.  Always have.  I love to build things, and I’m always happy to share that.  I can even come up with things to build that don’t have an instruction booklet, which is kind of nice.  One thing that I don’t know how to do is just “play” LEGO.  Once all the things are built, I’m ready to move on.  Or disassemble and build new things.

I like playing with the kids, and more important, I feel it is healthy for their development to play with them.  It bugs me that when they play, all they do is parrot things they see in video games and television.  I may not be able to play like a child, but it seems that neither are they.  Julian is always asking me to choose a character, and they are both incessantly talking about upgrades and powerups.  “Weegee has the fly power!”  I wanted to play with the Iron Patriot plushie, but I was told it had to be unlocked.  What the hell?

I’ve done just fine at telling stories in tabletop RPGs in the past.  Do I really need to sit down and write a script involving whichever toys we’ll be playing with this coming week?  Am I so bereft of imagination?

There is one consolation – so far, I haven’t tried to glue any of the LEGO together.  I’m not Lord Business yet!

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